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Almost 2 years ago, I got a FB message from a total rando asking if I wanted to move to Brooklyn. Naturally, I said yes. Guyzrcrazy began when Meg & I moved to the big city, became friends, and realized men in NYC are trash (in that order). Everyone in NYC is an enigma in their own way - hot, driven, blazing a unique path - and with such a high-stakes playing field, it's really hard to make genuine connections. As Carrie Bradshaw so eloquently put it, “New York City is all about sex. People getting it, people trying to get it, people who can’t get it. No wonder the city never sleeps. It’s too busy trying to get laid.” And so, armed with archives of awkward pickup lines, uncomfortable conversations, and bizarre dates, Guyzrcrazy was born.

Meg & I sought to document our dating experiences in the city on an Instagram account - fueled by submissions from our equally baffled friends, we'd expose the craziness thrust upon us by horny 20-something men who would then turn around and tell their bros that we were "crazy." It's a stereotype as old as time, conceived by men to keep women trapped on a pedestal of fragile emotion, that just makes no sense. Why does having emotions carry the brunt of eons of sexism? Why can men label their exes "crazy" only to turn around and gaslight a new partner with no societal repercussions? We wanted to find answers, but had no way to widen our reach past cringy screenshots from dating apps. Thus, with the pandemic raging, too much free time on our hands, and a renewed urgency for connection, we began recording.

Guyzrcrazy has blossomed from our original platform in early 2019 into a mission to explore a comprehensive view of dating. We challenge stereotypes, celebrate empowerment, and encourage emotional exploration. Meg & I interview people from all walks of life to gain perspective and learn new things. We like to discuss heavy topics while having fun, and support serious rebuttals of age-old stereotypes with our own anecdotal "insanity." After all, everybody says women are crazy...and we're not.

Take a listen, check us out on social media, give us some feedback, and come on our podcast - we'd love to talk to you, and we are so excited that you're joining us on this journey!


Hannah & Meg

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